Ensemble & chamber music programs

Johann Schop & Heinrich Scheidemann, a musical friendship

with Adrien Pièce, organ


A program around Johann Schop, violinist, and Heinrich Scheidemann, organist. These two musicians were good friends and played together on several occasions, according to testimonies of the time. Schop's violin pieces are performed with the organ as continuo instrument and Scheidemann pieces are arranged for violin and organ. This concert can be played only in a location with a baroque or Renaissance organ, possibly a Northern German instrument.

Cantatas and sonatas from the Düben Collection

with Roland Faust, voice and Adrien Pièce, organ

The Düben manuscripts collection of the university of Uppsala (Sweden) is one of the most important sources for the music of the Baroque period, especially for Northern German repertoire of the second half of the 17th century. This program proposes a selection of cantatas for bass or alto voice, together with violin sonatas and organ pieces chosen exclusively from this collection.

Die Hasardeure

with Rui Staehlin, theorbo, lute & voice


Die Hasardeure offer different programs of exclusively improvised music from 15th to 17th centuries: diminutions, grounds, ricercars, accompanied songs, etc., with the option of specific regional focus (Italy, England, Germany, France). The concerts can even involve audience demand in the selection of pieces, characters, modes, etc!


Solo Program


A solo violin recital of music from the 17th century, with toccatas, ricercars, fantasias, grounds, and dances. The concert includes both original compositions and improvisations.



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